Cristiano Ronaldo Got a New Ferrari

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo

Lisbon, Portugal – the football star, Cristiano Ronaldo was known as automotive enthusiasts, especially the latest sports cars. Recently, the Portuguese footballer was caught riding a new car, the Ferrari 599 GTO.

As quoted from The Telegraph, Friday (07/15/2011) Ronaldo some time ago was found driving a black Ferrari 599 GTO. Local media had dubbed the last car as the Batmobile.

The Real Madrid player was driving a Ferrari 599 GTO to go eat at a Japanese restaurant in Lisbon, Portugal.

Ferrari 599 GTO is the fastest car ever made by Ferrari legally on the road.

A V12 engine with a six speed transmission and 6000cc engine capacity, Ferrari 599 GTO accelerates from zero to 100 km / h in just 3.4 seconds with top speeds reaching 334.7 km / hour.

To control this mad-powered car, then the chassis feels very influential role. The Ferrari engineers were focused on the chassis until it can achieve a mix that makes the car almost did not have the understeer effect (the car’s rear wheels slip out of the road path).

As accordance with its name Gran Turismo Omologata (GTO) is produced only in a very limited editions, 599 units only.

Ronaldo collects some of Ferrari cars in his garage, including a variety of other sports cars. If calculated, those sport car values two million pounds.

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