Justin Bieber Wants to buy stocks from Electric Car Manufacturers

Washington – With his voice and fans around the world, Justin Bieber dollar continues mounting. With that money, Bieber wanted to save an electric car manufacturer from bankruptcy.

According to rumors, the car manufacturer in question is Fisker. Fisker is an eco-friendly electric car factory in the United States (U.S.). There are many problems that come to Fisker, early last month the company was forced to lay off hundreds of employees.

But not less than a month, this government-backed car factory is getting some good news. Pop singer Justin Bieber is rumored to be ready to invest in Fisker.

Bieber does have one Fisker car, Fisker Karma, which is given by the manager when he was 18 years old. He seemed to like that car.

“Justin was afraid he could not fix the car if Fisker is now closed,” said a source, as reported by Financialexpress, Friday (05/03/2013).

Although Bieber has had a lot of awesome cars, he said, Fisker is his favorite car brand.

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