New Generation of Toyota Supra for Detroit Auto Show

Toyota FT-HS

Toyota FT-HS

DetroitToyota Supra ready to display new models in the exhibition Detroit Auto Show in January 2014 tomorrow. This concept car will be a step further to the production version, as quoted from Autoblog ( 12/6 , 2013) .

This exciting news comes from one of the Toyota officers. While it is still uncertain what the engine and the advantages that will be offered by new Toyota Supra.

Toyota Supra last appeared in late 1998′s. At that time, Toyota Supra has 6 cylinder engine with rear wheel drive system.

The car that predicted as the successor to Toyota Supra is Toyota FT-HS concept car that appeared at the Detroit Motor Show in 2007. However, due to the global crisis in 2008, Toyota delayed this car production.

However, at the Tokyo Motor Show, Toyota was released RC300h Lexus sports car, which uses the rear drive platform system that might be used to produce the new Supra.

Especially if look at Toyota‘s previous habits, which always uses the Lexus platform.

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