Obama’s Chrysler 300C is for sale

Chrysler 300C

Chrysler 300C

Chicago – Long before he became U.S. President, Barack Obama served as Illinois senator, drives a Chrysler 300C. The used car isnow apparently car for sale.

As reported by autoevolution, those who sell the Chrysler 300C ensures that the car was actually Obama’s car. A number of letters supports the original Obama ownership.

Obama’s Chrysler 300C using a 5.7-liter V8 engine, the numbers written on the odometer showing only 20,800 miles. On eBay, this car was offered for U.S. $ 1 million.

Previously, Obama had highlighted the media for using the Hemi V8 car which is known for non fuel efficient car. Obama then driving a Chrysler 300C from July 2004 until the summer of 2007.

Obama then stopped driving a 300C during the presidential campaign and replacing it with a fuel efficient car in the 2007 Ford Escape Hybrid.

This is not the first time Obama used cars for sale. In 2009, the next car owners was auction off Obama’s car on the same site. But was canceled because of tax problems. The price offered was the same, U.S. $ 1 million.

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  1. The asking price for that car is way too high. Even in the UK where cars are more expensive you get get a brand new Chrysler 300c for about £30k.

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