Thailand is the new king in ASEAN automotive

Automotive Headlines – Thailand able to lead the production and export of cars and become the largest in ASEAN. This achievement is get from highly support automotive industry development, compared with other countries in ASEAN.

Until January 2014, the supply of automotive parts in Thailand reaches 1965 suppliers. Among many types of automotive components, Thailand is still leading in terms of quantity in product suppliers of engine components, such as, transmission, suspension, system, body, tires to batteries, security systems, communication systems, printing equipment, materials, iron and steel, resins also rubber are all directed to export markets.

President of the Thai Auto-Parts Manufacturing Association (TAPMA) Thailand Achana Limpaitoon said she supervises 600 members consisting of 2000 automotive component suppliers.

Before 2000, the Thai government has been encouraging the localization of components of automotive products. The Government made ​​a policy priority to local component rather than imported parts, by encouraging component industries. The government also provides a central testing laboratory, the purpose is to reduce overseas shipping cost and build R&D in Thailand.

President of the Thailand Automotive Institute Jirathiyut Vichai said, the automotive parts supplier for the tier 1 reaching 648 companies with 250,000 employees. And for Tier 2 and 3 with 340,000 employees.

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