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Maintaining Wiper Washer

Windshield Wiper

Although seem trivial, wiper washer is an important part, even arguably vital. Especially when it rains, dirt and water splashes that obstruct vision, or your windshield is coated mold. Besides the rain, water also serves to wash the dirt like tree sap, bird droppings and so forth. As little as any dirt on the glass, [...]

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Motorcycle Riding Tips For Avoiding Impotence

Motorcycle riders

Riding a bike for too long it can cause decreased sperm quality which ultimately makes getting descent. Even the Japanese doctor says riding can also cause impotence. Then how to avoid it? Previously, a study conducted by Japanese doctors and published in the International Journal of impotence Research explained that a motorcycle seat gives undue [...]

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Keeping Pets in the Car

Pet in car

Bring pets inside the car is fun. However, if the animal was disturbing, of course, dangerous driving activity. Therefore, these drivers are called upon should really keep a pet in the car when it involves animals. As quoted from autos, Wednesday (09/03/2011). According to the American Automobile Association (AAA), and the Travel Industry Association of [...]

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Fuel Efficient Driving Tips from GM

General Motors Corporation

DETROIT – The price of oil continues to rise makes a car owner go dizzy. Customers must spend more money for fuel. Apparently this condition is also a concern carmakers. This time General Motors made a special article for economical driving gasoline. GM, Largest car manufacturer in the United States provides simple steps that may [...]

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Manual Transmission Making Annoyed? This is the Solution

Manual transmission layout

For those of you who have a vehicle with manual transmission may often be difficult to change gear promising. Looks like the riders should consider the following tips. Clutch adjustment part is usually the cause difficult to replace the transmission. Vehicle owners must also consider and change the oil and clutch at a certain distance. [...]

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Prevent car theft

Keyless entry remote (Chrysler)

The interesting than most thieves model actually has not changed much. The criminals are still relying on the T key to breaking into cars. This means that the stolen vehicle was not equipped with immobilizer. Immobilizer anti-theft system is already mounted directly on the car by the manufacturer. These systems form an electronic module which [...]

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10 Trigger that caused Cars Burned

Car on fire

Car owners would not want to burn the vehicle engulfed in flames. As a result not only affects older cars, but new cars with new security features. So, what causes sparks everywhere and it come from? This is the source of fire that warrant concern and scrutiny. 1. Exhaust leak. Steam heat is transferred into [...]

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Nissan Fuel Saving Tips

Fuel station

Fuel efficiency is not always about car technology. Because it would be useless if the car was fuel efficient but the driving character is still wrong. “Save car fuel is the combination of technology and the character of the rider. Both are mutually bound,” For business technology, Nissan has long been concerned about fuel efficiency. [...]

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