Toyota also developing Wireless Charging Technology

Electic car wireless parking charge

Electic car wireless parking charge

MassachusettsToyota stated that they was very close to be able to have new wireless battery charging system technology, this technology will be use for all Toyota electric vehicle.

As reported autonews, Friday ( 12/7 , 2013), Toyota reportedly has signed a license intellectual property of WiTricity Corp.

WiTricity Corp. said wireless battery recharging method apparently is not difficult. Vehicle only needs to be above the charging spot, its size is very small only 19.7 inches and can be inserted anywhere.

To charge the battery of electric cars, Toyota slipped magnetic resonance charging point under the vehicle with a size of about 8 inches .

WiTricity CEO Eric Giler said the system is very interesting, because the resonator is so small and can be installed anywhere with any media. Eric predicted, the latest wireless charging technology from Toyota is about to come in 2016.

Previously, Swedish automaker Volvo, said they were also developing a wireless charging for electric car batteries .

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